jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009


Everyone was expecting it to be an epic day of windsurfing at Jaws, but something weird happened and the wind didnt really happened. so the Tow Surfers had the point all for themselves. finally i left the house (still not 100% recovered) to go and watch it for a while, with John, Anita and Wixi.. and it was worth it. we saw some amazing drops! respect! check the few waves i could film before the rain came and the pics... Apparently now i hear that the wind picked up later on and they did sail it for a bit... but we werent there anymore..

Jaws 2 waves from nayra a c on Vimeo.

You dont want to be there:

Zoomed in:


This guy got a full set of about 3 or 4 waves on the head...

but he got rescued in the end...