domingo, 4 de julio de 2010


Ok, I admit it... I did enjoy it a lot doing the freestyle comp!

this year the event was super fun. We didnt have the best conditions, I bet mot of you have already read the reports on the PWA, so i wont talk about that, but more about the event indeed.

This year they had a small tent on the beach with sofas etc... where you could sit and chill and even watch the football games!!! the organizers put a lot of effort this year into have a nicer event and I think it paid off. there was always a good dj playing from the RedBull Hummer on the beach so the atmosphere was pretty cool. this event is small, but it is really nice....

all the girls did a very good job and they are sailing and improving loads. I got my butt kicked in the double by up-and-coming Xenia Kessler. I can make an exuse cause I nearly didnt plane during my heat, but actually she beat me fair and square. It is really good to have new girls joining the Tour so motivated and training really hard like she and Arrianne are. Xenia joined last year and improved a lot this year and Arriane joined this year for the first time and sailed pretty well!