lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010


You know when the forecast os really good for quite a few days, so when you are on the water, nearly dead from so many hours sailing, you think: "I better come in because I want to be able to sail tomorrow too"? well, wise words, but thanks God I didnt listen to them on saturday. The sailing was really, really good. one of those special days at home: good and strong wind, but not crazy overpower, nice size waves and all the spots working. it was supposed to be like that for a few day, but with the crazy weather we are having this summer, it got really hot and in the end,the wind disappeared the next day.

everyone was loving live on the water and thanks to Maria and Julio Leon (from we got some really nice shots from the day. I know I said I would try to GoPro Camera, but when I got to the beach and saw it was so good, I couldnt waist a second trying to sort out the thing. next time.