viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010


Hi there!!

what a day here yesterday!!! they run the double elimination and... man! it was good to see Victor fight all the way back! so impressive! not so happy that he won against John (although it was close!) honestly... so impressive. the conditions were so hard, that it is even more impressive! he finished second in the end and Kauli first, but it was like if he had won after such a come back!

After the contest, I went for a sail and it made me realize even more how good the guys are! the conditions were so tough and difficult!! and how tough the come back from Victor was. by the time I went out was 3,7 weather pretty strong but super on-shore.... but fun! with massive chunky waves! it was definitely like sailing in the middle of a massive storm! well, actually, it was the middle of a massive storm!!

then, at night, we saw the release of the Windsurf Movie II. There is something about watching windsurf movies in the big screen and with loads of people that is magic.. i love it... it makes me have goose bumps! makes me realize how much i love this sport and how amazing it is! the movies was amazing...Levi is insane, the action pretty sic and the movie really cool to watch. although you have to know that it is an Amercian movie... hard to explain... but i loved it....