jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010


We arrived yesterday here in Sylt (Germany). Klitmoller was really, really good. I had been there before, once, maybe 4 years ago, and my memory of the place was that it was a super nice and fun place. Well, now my thought of it is even better. Ok, it is cold, but even for me it wasnt that bad, and you kind of get use to it. The thing is I sailed in pretty muchin all kind conditions: light on shore and also dead on-sore with big mushy waves in Klimoller the first days (ok, ok, not the best, but still really good fun, i tell you), pretty good side-shore and down the line one morning in Hanstolm with over head high waves, then hawling 3,3 side-on shore overpowered weather with nice logo high sets and finally 4,2 on-shore on my big board but fun and challenging to get around. So it was a good mix of everything. Sometimes it was a bit “dangerous” in Hanstolm, with so many crazy guys and pros actually going crazy on 3,3 weather and massive ramps, but it was such a good fun. My hands got “frozen” most of the times, but still, you wanted to sail for a little bit more!.

Now in Sylt the weather is nice for the moment. The forecast… well, I dont know what to think about the forecast. It looks like we have a chance on Sunday, with what it looks like side shore starboardtack, but I have never seen that happening here with waves.. but there is always a first!! Could be fun if it happens. After that, it doesnt look too promissing, but again, here the weather changes pretty quick and the forecasts are wrong a lot of the times!

(sorry, no pics from Klitmoller, but here are some from last year Sylt).