jueves, 11 de noviembre de 2010


Hi there....

Pretty much all the pro guys are gone now from Maui to Cape Verde for the upcoming contest over there, starting on sunday I think. (keep tune to the PWA site www.pwaworldtour.com to know how is it going). they will have live streaming, so if they get good conditions, it will be pretty sick to watch!!!

but still here is busy as hell on the water. Today I passed by Hookipa and just didnt feel like queuing to take waves, so we went down to Sprecks and had a super fan session. it is good to change... i should do it more often....

i did hurt my shoulder a bit, and came in, but as the pain went away I went back out for a while more. Now it is late at night and is hurting, and I just realized I dont have any painkillers with me... bummer. hopefully it will be ok, and I can sail tomorrow, looks like it could be pretty fun!

here you have some pics from I cant remember when, from Jimmie Hepp FB page.. Thanks Jimmie!!