miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010


The wind died yesterday and a really big swell arrived to Hawaii, and the infamous Jaws was breaking. It was beautiful!!! that place is insane and the guys that ride it are also insane!

imagine being in front of that amount of water just falling like a massive building!!! so much energy rushing just on your neck!

After watching Jaws for a while we went to the west side of the island to try to surf for a bit. We went to this place and it was a total disaster for me. Waves surfed: zero. oh well... there will be better days.

So to cheer me up from my failure surf session, guess what... Cafe Mambo! for sure...like I said before.. love this place.. if you ever come to Maui... you have to try it... my favourite: Crispy Duck Burger!