sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010


The wind stopped a few days ago.. to be honest, I am glad... cause I was pretty knackered and my body was a bit in pieces... In the end I didnt really have strengh to sail properly, or maybe thats just my excuse for to sailing too good.... aaaaanyways..... now it is nice and glassy so time to chill a bit. I like this days. it is nice a quite, no wind noice and the ocean in beautiful.. love it. I My time over here is coming to an end (I am leaving on tuesday), so hopefully I will still get one more day sailing. forecast is looking a bit skecthy, but I stay positive!

Adele Frola, a friend from Italy, has been sailing a lot here as well, but on her resting time she has been taking some pics. here are some of them. thanks so much Adele!!!