domingo, 9 de enero de 2011


It has been a super good end and beginning of the year. We had some amazing surfing days.... difficult to explain. I like it at home at this time, because it is normally a good time to have a little break from windsurfing for a little bit (although we did sail a few times around Xmas time). aaaanyways... we had some super fun days, and there was so many people enjoying the waves eeeveryday. We did dawnings quite a few times, and always there was people on the water way before us... but then we got knocked out by a horrible stomach virus that put us to bed (literally) for 48 hours! it all seems blurry now... it is like the was a before and after those two horrible days....

During a few of those days, I could use for the first time the 7,4 Minimal from Fanatic. and I was loving life on it... wow... so good to cruise on it!

here you have a few pictures... thanks to so many people for them!!:

thanks to Rodrigo Jimenez, from Underwatercanarias for the water shots.

Thanks to Alexis from and to PPCastro for taking the pictures.

Thanks to Mario.

And thanks to Dani Miquel for his inspirational pictures so you can get an idea of how it feels to be on the water.