jueves, 13 de enero de 2011


Right now I am sitting in the Istambul airport on my way to Southafrica (ye,
in Istambul, a bit of a weird route, but it has been worth flying with
Turkish Airlines).

It has been a wonderful time at home, and I wish it would lasted a bit
longer, but I cant wait to get some proper wind now to go sailing after
nearly over a month away from Windsurfing.

Like I said, we are flying with Turkish airlines, and so far so good. They
are really nice and they serve you super nice food even on short flights
(what nowadays is quite a luxury!) plus they were really good with the
equipment and they charge 90 euros per windsurfer... So worth having a look
at their flights if you are going to some of their destinations?

Here you have some pictures from the second session we had on New Year's
day. Thanks to Roberto for the pics!