lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011


Hello there!!!

Most of you have been following the FuerteWaveClassic, so I think you dont need much update from that, but here is goes in shorts: HUGE swells and HUGE balls from some of the guys going out in Puertito with pretty much no wind: it is a very tricky and difficult place, definitely ciapó for them. My pics from la Entubadera are pretty embarrassing compare with the big stuff from Puertito!!! in the pics, Puertito doesnt look that difficult or dangerous, but I tell you, it is.

well, now we will be for a little bit at home. ACtually right now I think it is pretty windy down in Pozo... but I am knackered! difficult to resist though!!

here I leave you a few pics from the last days in Fuerte, which in the end, like always, it was a great experience!!!

Thanks to Continentsevent, Eric Bellande and Pierre Bouras for the pics