lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011


Hello people!

We are on day.... i dont know, 7th? anyways.... We have had a mixed of very kind of conditions: glassy nice waves for SUP in Majanicho and Punta Elena (while others were also sufring in Lobos or Harbour wall), really off shore conditions in La Caleta, crazy insane big and light in Puertito (where only Stefan Etiene, Yannick Anton, Thomas Traversa and Alberto Ferroni dared to go out... God that was so crazy! insane! ciapo for those guys... it was BIG, light wind and kind of messy, so really, really challenging and not up for everyone), and finally some fun in La Entubadera. But so far no competition as the conditions havent really been that good to run the proper competition.

thanks to Eric Bellande and Chris and Kirstin from Continent7 for the pics and the great job....