miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011


I left Southafrica last thursday. It was such a good trip. The other years i went there i ended up distroying myself sailing so much (because is windy all the time and I am really bad at dosing myself. But this year I was pretty relaxed and chilled (except one day at sunset, that place drives me nuts!!). in the end I left feeling I didnt really sailed that much, but actually I did sail a lot, and most important, it was a lot more productive this way!!!

I landed finally in GC on friday night, and it felt soooo good to be home, at least for a little bit. And I could score some fun surfing with my friends the two days I spent there.

And then, sunday night, packing again to head off to Fuerte for the Fuerte Wave Classic... and here I am now, in a little cafe in Lajares. So far yesterday we had a super nice day for SUPing...I hadnt done it in a long while, so it felt super good to be out there on the water with everyone.

today we had a bit of wind, but God it was so offshore!!!! I cant really say I enjoyed that... but aaaanyways... the forecasts looks like there is a pretty BIG swell coming...uffff... well... we'll see what happens!!!

take care people!!