jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011


We have had some really weird weather around the Canaries these last few days (it has been snowing loads up in the mountain too!)... it has been windy but not the best direction, which made the sailing kind of weird... actually, although yesterday we looked at a lot of spots, none was really appealing, so we gave it a miss. And today, it was looking like another day off the water as we missed the glassy time for surfing as just as we arrived, the wind started to mess up everything... but, without thinking it would be sailable, we gave it a try and in the end enjoyed a pretty nice late night session with Moritz. I was on my Fanatic 72 Quad... and loving life with it as my "big board"!

You can see how lazy I am sometimes... I havent even taken off the stickers form the Fuerte Wave Classic... what a disaster I am sometimes!