domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011


I am just back from my first time snowboarding... and I want MORE! when I was 14 I did a 4 day ski trip, but that was it, so I pretty much considered it my first time in the snow. And it was super good!! I joined some beginners lessons every morning and in the afternoons we would wonder around different pists.. it was great feeling!! the first day I was dead!!! I was crashing and falling all the time and my ass was in so much pain... but little by little I got a bit more control and in the end I was loving life...slowly, but loving it!!! we had an awesome week.... God... John was soooo good both skiing and snowboarding! awesome...

I have to thank Zeal Optics for providing us with the best goggles and sunnies for the snow!!! They are amazing!!! and Animal for all the prefect technical clothes... yes, yes, all the gear no idea!! hehehe... I cant wait to be back!!

Next stop: Maui in a couple of weeks. It is photoshoot time!