viernes, 15 de abril de 2011


Hi there... we are leaving Maui soon. it has been pretty damn good! Apart from the bad scary incident of Boujmaa's accident we had a great time: a lot of wind and all kind of waves: big, medium, small... really good fun! although it hasnt been the most easy sailing, as we had a lot of strong gusty off shore winds that make the sailing really tricky and leaves your body really punished!! but all in all, really good! photoshoots are done and I think we have some really good stuff!!! now the wind has switched off... thank God because my back is pretty sore! and it is perfect to pack up everything and go home....

this picture is during the helishoot in Lanes, it was a pretty good session! thanks to Michael Rossmeier, from the Tricktionary for the pic!