domingo, 17 de julio de 2011


Yeee!! I manage to keep the 3rd after the double elimination!!

I am really happy, but not fully! ;-)
I think I didnt sailed my best during the heats, and that makes me a bit pissed off. I went out first thing in the morning of the last day of the double elimination, to kill the nerves a bit, and I was loving it...sailing full power and thinking: yes! I am in the zone! But as soon as the gren flag went up, my conciousness of the posibility of loosing stopped me from flowing as well as when I was free sailing. I knew I had to sail my best if I wanted to beat Karin, as she is solid, but still, It was like I had the handbreak on all the me trying not to fuck up: I was going for it, but not letting loose...
There was a bit of drama the night before too: I could only sleep for about 2 hours. I was doing well without much nerves, but after I went to bed and woke up with some noise at about 00:00, it was game over!! I was so tense thinking: I have to fall asleep, I have to fall asleep, I need to rest to be full power tomorrow... well, you can imagine: No chance. Everytime I fell asleep I would wake up 10 minutes later with the lightest noise. By 4:00am I was nearly in tears! But I thought: i have to be strong, this doesnt matter, this doesnt matter.... what a crazy head I have, sorry!....

Now that is over, I also think I should have sailed with my small board all the time. When we first arrived and went sailing for a bit, everything felt to draggy that everyone said I should take the bigger stuff. and so I did. But in the last day of comp it was pretty windy and I thought I would take my little board. God! the World of difference!!! I should have taken the risk of taking it because on the wave I could feel much better... but anyways.. this is for the lessons learning book, and you never know, It was a bit lighter those days, so maybe it was actually the right thing at the time.

like always huge congrats to all the winners!!!

well, like I said, I am really happy, and loved el Medano, well, el Cabezo. I think it was a great contest!!! we score some decent waves and good wind, and I think Dani Bruch did an excellent job organizing this event, so huge congrats to him and his team and Thanks for making it happen!. I hope next year we can come here again!!!!