viernes, 8 de julio de 2011


Hi there....

ye... nice honey moon here in Pozo, with the wind and dust blowing into you eyes all day... hehehehehehehhehe... just kidding!!!

After a lot of waiting around the days before, the women fleet could finally compete yesterday. It wasnt the best conditions to be honest, but at least we got something and we got going into the competition. My first heat was a tough one against Evi Tsape. She is a really good jumper and she has spent quite a bit of time training in Southafrica, so her sailing is pretty solid. I was lucky to get two nice set waves and ride them well and I think that made the difference so I passed. Now conditions will get tough. the wind is pretty string today already and it is just increasing for the next few days... but it will be the same for everyone... Definetly keep an eye on the competition the next few days, I am sure is going to be pretty epic.