jueves, 19 de julio de 2012


It has been a bit "strange" to be at the competitions but actually just like an spectator.

Normally, competitions are killers, even if you don't compete on that day, or if you just do one heat, you go back home knackered and wondering why. Now, watching it from outside, I understand: it is so much going on for everyone!!: the whole tension of the comp, preparing your equipment, having the set up ready, re-rig the sails when conditions change, have it all ready to go, bring thing up the beach, down the beach, go and check the notice board, go and re-check to make sure your watch is correct and you are not missing your heat, go sailing a bit to warm up and test the conditions, test the gear, etc... then maybe compete and after tidy up the whole thing: bring the equipment up, de-rig, tidy and leave it organize for tomorrow..it is tiring just writing about it. But how good is the feeling at the end of a comp? (well.. if you do well it helps a bit more). It is always such a rush. Competition can bring the best of you or the worst, I think. Yes, all this is what I was thinking while watching everyone at the comps.
Then it was also so interesting to see how everyone deal so differently with the competition. Normally as I am competing I am just focused on myself, but now that I could see everyone, you can see how each competitor has its own way...so funny and interesting to see how everyone deals with their issues...
It has been great action to watch, from everyone, really... and if I want to be back next year I think I have a lot of work to do to be back on track!!!  I was really glad to see a healthy women fleet competing! God I have some work to do for next year!
Congratulation to all the winners and to everyone that has done so well!

No pictures on this update... will try to get some so you can see how much I've grown!