sábado, 20 de octubre de 2007



Tonight I am leaving to England. I will stay there for a week and after we will go to spen about five weeks in Maui. In a way I am really happy about leaving, one week in England can be a good holiday to disconect from everything and dont worry about not going sailing or anything, it is cold, I have a good excuse!!!!!and Maui after can be really good!!!! but on the other hand, I am really loving it at home at the moment. its quite and we have always something going on: surfing when it is not windy and windsurfing when there is. I dont know... I am a bit sad about leaving home. But no worries, sometimes it is like when you dont want to go to a party and in the end you have the best time of your life...maybe this will be the trip of my life!!!!!

Best wishes to everyone!!!