miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2007


The last two weeks have been amazing. I had sooooo much fun!!! We havent had any wind (apart from two days last week that were also fun), but it has been such a good week for surfing. The waves werent too big, just right, and it was super sunny and glassy. The water is so warm at the moment here in Gran Canaria that it felt just great!. I was on the water for pretty much all day, as my friends were coming out in different times ads they finished their work. And then, back home, nice dinner with nice wine and straight to bed, no energy for even put the tv on!!! well.. now the wind is back, so i gues we will have some fun sailing too. the forecast is not very promising for waves on the east coast, that is where we sail, but you never know!!
PS: I took the picture right before i went on the water to put in on the blog, it is not the best picture at allor neitehr the best of the sets, but I was too in a hurry to get on the water to wait to do a better one!