sábado, 6 de octubre de 2007



I am back home since last monday, but i have been too sick to be able to even write!!!! Yes, as soon as I got in the plane and released all the competition tention, my body died. I got the flu (yes, I think the proper flu, with my bones aching and all that). So I was pretty much in bed for three days! I even had to cancel a trip to Morocco with some friends!!! debastated about that!!!!!. Now I am much better, I even went out for a little surf (though maybe I should have stayed, I had no strengh, and my space vision was just wrong!!! I nearlly kill two people... thank God they were all friends!).
Well, last night was actually the first time I left the house to go for a dinner up in the country. The place was nice and with sort of "new age" cuisine, and it was really nice.