sábado, 10 de julio de 2010


Fourth.... I did fourth. always fourth! and always soooo close!!! aggggrrr..... it feels so frustrating! I am happy, dont get me wrong... but..... but......

ok.. let me make a bit more of a summary of the event.

With such a short event, only four days, we were really forced to run the event however the conditions were. So it wasnt epic, but it was fairly ok. It was pretty windy, like it always gets here in Pozo in July, but actually, it wasnt nuking like other years! pretty glad about it to be honest! but even if it was, I wouldnt really mind it this time, beacause actually I am so stocked with my gear at the moment on strong wind that I was actually really loving life. My board flies and my new sails feel SUPER nice on strong wind.

In the single I lost to Daida on the semi so I had to go to the losers final (3rd and 4th) with Karin. Lost. so I was 4th. It was a tough long day of competition and the day after we had a super early start for the double elimination. the double elimination is tricky. it is pretty good if you have done bad and you are fired up to fight back. but I think it is really tough for the top 4. who are there, waiting for someone to come through to fight you. so you go straight in the water for your first heat to defend your position and first heats are not the best most of the times! at least for me! normally the first heat you do on a day you are kind of warming up and getting used to the comp, or that is how it feels to me. so when the double comes and you have to defend your position is really tricky. Steffy Whal was the one that beat the rest and came to face me. I was really nervous because she is really good on the Pozo conditions. I manage to stay calm and did good, so I passed. I was so relieved I kept at least my position and I was really motivated and fired up to fight with Karin for the third. I was doing really well, and had some really nice waves in the bag with some good smack in the bunker. Looking at the sheets I was leading well until last minute when Karin landed a super nice push loop. Agrrr... last year I was so confident on my backloops! I was landing all the time and landed one in every heat.. but this year... it just wasnt happening! dont know whats happening... agggrrr... ohhhh well... good motivation to keep training. In the end I lost like 50 to 50,5 and 51 to 50,5 to 51 and the other judge I cant remember but close...aggggrrrr....

The finals were really good... the conditions were not the best for everyone to be doing their best, but it was pretty amazing to watch. both in the men and the women. Congratulation to Victor and Daida for winning and also to Philip and Iballa for sailing superb. Victor and Philip were doing insane jumps and sooo many tricks on the waves that it was soooo good to watch life! amazing!

Me: really happy with this shot!

And Karin, earning the points to be 3rd